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Cane implement maintenance and cleaning of the sofa
- Nov 30, 2016 -

1, prevent sun point-blank, in case cany makings fades, desiccate.

2, don't make the contact and close to the fire, heat source, do not for a long time in the sun insolates, otherwise easy to deformation, bending, cracking, loosening and release.

3, because of the cane makes up furniture surface to hide grey place more, clean can use a vacuum cleaner to suck it again or with a soft brush from the inside to the outside dust brushed first, then with a wet cloth to wipe it again, at last with a soft cloth to wipe clean can.

4, cane implement in use

After a period of time, can use graze of weak brine try cane to make furniture supplies, both can decontamination, can keep its flexibility, long long again, there are certain brittle resistance, insect.

5, unbleached abour rattan furniture renovation process: first, clean and dry, and then use sandpaper abour rattan furniture rattan racks, restore the skin to remove stains and smooth, then a layer of light oil protection is taken on a new look.

Other precautions:

Avoid contact with sharp, rough object surface sofa, lest cause damage. Should be paid attention to when smoking cigarette butts, matches, lighters, etc may cause damage to sofa.

Attention should be paid to prevent scratching pets such as cats and dogs for fabric damage.

Long-term home inns uninhabited, had better use sheets for the sofa cover well.