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Cool leather sofa collocation breakthrough single colour colour law
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Cool leather sofa gorgeous collocation breakthrough single colour colour law: color conflict character use the technique of contrast, produce effect of any conflict between the collocation method. Based on for leather sofa of light color, choose two contrasting colors for decoration, create like a drama conflict. Lake blue by package and slant orange department spent by package already constitutes the main body of the conflict, in addition, it is floor lamp and tea table surface, and the adornment picture on the wall a mutual complement each other, so as to seek visual balance in the conflict. This way of collocation is bold, it broke the original traditional single form, create a refreshing adornment effect. Increase the dramatic effect of gorgeous colour, make originally the sitting room of mundane becomes lively and clear. Tie-in main point: the gaily decorated done sufficient detail in order to increase the dramatic effect, can be appropriately selected some decorations with luxuriant sense. In terms of choice depends on the package, relying on a bag silk have burnish can be very good. Relying on a bag is given priority to with design of plant patterns can make the luxuriant feeling on the display does not appear very abrupt, and a new decorative beauty. Punchline: local unified colour carry bright color of the adornment of metope and the overall decoration is very consistent, further enhance the dramatic effect. Put on tea table of flowers and also by package photograph echo, downy whole sitting room is tonal