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Light box introduction
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Sharkarstain for X-ray perspective (negative) using slice light box (light). Light box generally with lights, PC board, it is best to this material resistant to high temperature of 145 degrees, low temperature resistant da 45 degrees. It is generally useful as the fluorescent lamp, it is very beautiful from the outside.

And advertising light boxes with cloth (commonly known as light box cloth), use oily ink, ink painting company to ensure the durability of the picture, the general picture color is darker than the color of the display. It actually output image resolution normally only need 30 ~ 45 dpi (contrast) according to requirements of the printing, pictures of actual size is larger, there are hundreds of square meters of area. Actually light boxes there are a lot of kinds, some useful also circular blister light boxes, sometimes to the entrance of a shopping mall, pay attention to, sometimes can see.

With the deepening of the molding box to promote and market competition is intensifying, and the growing emergence of new materials, molding light box technology will also continue to improve, expressive force will be rich. We have reasons to believe that the molding box will be in more space to show more characteristics of beauty!

Intelligent painting light boxes are different from the general box, smart light box can turn on a light box installed within the advertising picture more, can be in the set time, automatic conversion. This feature makes the show the contents of advertisements more vivid and greatly improve the effect of the publicity.

Intelligent switch shell of light boxes have high-quality timber, stainless steel, aluminum, curium paint, such as a variety of styles, and various chassis design also for customers to choose, body beauty, Windows to heavy, strong and durable, suitable for appearance placard, outdoor and indoor.

Intelligent painting light boxes built a variety of automatic setting function, such as automatic startup and shutdown system, free set to replace the picture number, free to set picture residence time, and exhibited the freedom to choose different combination and so on.

Smart turn painting light boxes as show master for each size of the company and all walks of life, can reduce advertising costs for the customer, amenity.