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Light box main application fields
- Nov 30, 2016 -

1, building, such as: the window wall, sound insulation, light shade, solar collector, a telephone booth.

2, advertising display, such as: light boxes, signs, signs, display racks, spherical cap, guideposts.

3, industrial products, such as instrument panel, machine shield, flow meter.

4, lighting, such as: solar chimney, environmental purification equipment with various shapes of chimney.

5, civilian class, such as sanitary equipment, dresser, picture frames, items, gifts, souvenirs, cool chair to sit back, candy boxes, ratten, food.

6, medical, such as infant incubator, kits, constant temperature, operation counters.

7, special purpose, such as: aircraft, yacht, and the Windows of the car and wind, submarine, and trench periscope mirror, etc.