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Light boxes of color image processing
- Nov 30, 2016 -

A lot of the image of the company's LOGO or design is not a single color, so the blister light boxes to face a lot of color processing, also there are many kinds of acrylic surface treatment way, here also take it out and everyone share:

1, useful sticker way: simpler or process also can not meet the requirements, and quantity is less but to consider costs, such as word or pattern is too small, we use the sticker, but must be emphasized here don't use in the market very cheap it is easy to fade the membrane, must use the outdoor brand lamp and guarantee the quality of time, otherwise the maintenance costs are high, such a low cost due to higher maintenance costs;

2, silk screen printing: this is our common blister light boxes way of image processing, is ideal, especially when we have a certain number of the methods used as much as possible, but when printing a certain requirements with good ink, because our plate through high temperature baking and molding; Otherwise, the production process is easily scratched, use after a period of time also is easy to fade;

3, another is outdoor photo lamp: generally is fewer, difficult matchup, but must be to outdoor lights.