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Sofa maintenance use
- Nov 30, 2016 -

1.sofa placed on flat ground, four corners at the bottom of the best cushion cushions, moves to prevent damage to the floor.

2.before use with a clean soft cloth to wipe the dust and dirt on the surface of the sofa, and if the cow leather (leather) production, must wipe gently with care agent before use sofa surface one to two times (do not use waxy care), in the form a layer of protective film on the surface of cow leather (leather), make the deep dermis pore dirt not easily in the future, easy to clean.

3.should be avoided on the sofa table, in order to avoid local compression deformation, affect the use.

4.should be avoided with acute Angle or tool appliance contact surface, prevent scratch fabrics.

5.should avoid long time sunlight caused leather sofa fabric deformation and lose elasticity, in case of very sunlight, should lie between period of time to get some sofa intermodulation position to prevent color difference obvious;

6.Should avoid to rain or expansion caused by excessive damp leather surface relaxation losing elasticity or cause leather fade, color or mildew. In case of humidity is bigger, can take advantage of the weak sun at 8 PM to 10 PM, 7 days every day 1 hour, about 3 months.

7.daily maintenance: use a clean soft cloth regularly wipe fabrics sink mark or stains. Back, armrest and seat aperture can use vacuum cleaner at the junction of clutter. It is prohibited to use wet cloth, hard objects or chemicals contact fabrics such as acid, alkali, lest affect the surface quality and life cycle.

End up on a regular basis to maintain: cow leather surface distribution of pores, like the human body skin care points to maintain dry wet season. Dry season once every two months, clean oil, maintain normal season can be 3-4 months at a time.