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Indoors Going Outdoors
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Since the 2008 worldwide economic downturn the Casual Furniture  Market (Outdoor / Casual) has been on roll’.  Growing more than any other Furniture segment.  Why we might ask has this happened?

 First, because of economic factors in the USA.  Homes were taken back by banks, many people lost their jobs or were threatened with that loss, banks were in deep trouble and the outlook for the future was not looking very positive.  With an economy in this kind of shape how was it that the Casual Furniture Market would start to grow?


The housing market being depressed, and a terrible time to sell your house some people needed to at least do something with their investment (Home).  Two things happened immediately, sales for interior and exterior home coatings started growing, and Casual Furniture started its’ big push into the middle and high end furniture world.  The consumer decided they needed to do something positive, maybe to add a little cheer to the dismal economic world, and without spending too much money they could invest in changing the color of the outside of the house or go ahead and change the color on the inside rooms.  Big ticket items such as cars, appliances all were hurt badly, but house paint and Casual Furniture grew.  Americans decided that their existing home would be where they would hunker down during this economic downturn, thus best to spruce it up!   Instead of going out to eat, many decided to stay home and eat.  Thus the backyard cookouts & BBQ’s become even more important for the family.  And because of this, sales on Casual Furniture started it’s long upward trend.


As the title of this article shows…”Indoors going Outdoors”.  The trick for the designers and furniture manufactures was to move the comfort and beauty of interior furniture and accessories to the outdoors.  This meant that new materials had to be used in place of wood.  Fabrics had to be changed to put up with rain, cold and outdoor elements.  Finishes had to somehow make a progression away from the simple 1 coat exterior finish to something more sophisticated and yet not mind boggling expensive that it’s not practical.  A new revolution in interior / exterior design was beginning and still is evolving even today.  Some have even started a movement for the Outdoor Office’.

Some of the designers and manufactures of mid and high end furniture have even turned this trend around…going from “Indoors going Outdoors” to “Outdoors going Indoors”.  Consumers are not stupid, and began to think why can’t we buy something that looks and feels like indoor furniture, but can be put outdoors in the Summer & Fall?  Yet, is elegant enough to be brought back indoors during the winter?  In other words, you can’t put interior furniture outdoors, but you can put Casual furniture Indoors!!

The next few articles will also focus on the Casual Furniture Market and its impact on areas of the furniture world.  We’ll try to show the changes in some of the company’s products and how this market has evolved into much more than just a park bench of some simple metal chairs to throw in the backyard. 

The Casual Market has now become a completely new living environment and culture that gratefully the impact is now seen worldwide.


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