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Luminous Ice Bucket Injection Engraving LOGO Effect
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Ice bucket in plastic products printed LOGO, generally have silk screen and thermal transfer, ice bucket, for example:

Screen printing: full name is "screen printing". Screen printing is silk, synthetic fiber fabric or metal wire mesh tension on the net frame, adopt the method of hand carved film or photochemical process production of silk screen plate. The modern screen printing technology, is to use photographic materials produced by the method of photographic plate making screen plate. By scraper extrusion press, the ink through the graphic part of the mesh is transferred to the surface of the ice bucket, form is the same as the original graphic. Silk screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple and low cost of printing, plate making, strong adaptability. In general, for the LOGO color kind of the few, we adopt the way of printing, lower costs relative to thermal transfer.

Thermal transfer: it is a way of printing process later. Which divided into two parts, printing and transfer printing film processing, printing printing film using network printing resolution (300 dpi), the design is printed on thin film surface in advance, printing the design level of rich, colourful, go, small chromatism, good reproducibility, can meet the requirements of design patterns is effect, and is suitable for mass production. Stamping processing through the thermal transfer machine (pressurized heating) in one time will be fine pattern on the printing film transfer printing on the surface of the ice bucket, hamonious surface layer and the printing ink after molding product, lifelike beautiful, greatly enhance the grade of the product. The way applied to complex style LOGO, luminous ice bucket rendering effect is very good, but the high cost of thermal transfer. LOGO printing: customers use place more upscale ice bucket, recommended injection ice bucket appearance, thermal transfer printing LOGO or laser engraving.