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Sofa Is Put Feng Shui Principles
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Sofa is put in the sitting room, sometimes used to daily life rest, receive a visitor or chat. Therefore, in the house of feng shui, occupies an important position. So when put some principles of feng shui should pay attention to the following:

1, the number of options

Shape to the sofa, have single person sofa, double sofa, elongated and trapezoid-shaped sofa and sofa round sofa, etc.; For different materials, with a leather sofa, fabric sofa, rattan sofa chair and traditional acid branches, etc.; To distinguish color and shape, but also allows variations in patterns. The sitting room sofa is decreasing, most avoid is a half or fangyuan sofa.

2, the sofa is put

Sofa should be put in the residence of kyrgyzstan. Traditionally, put in geely azimuth, a for both young and old can get its gas; If the wrong don't kyrgyzstan, a young and old are subject to the harm, no peace.

3, behind the sofa should be on

Have to rely on so-called, refers to the backer, is refers to the sofa after solid wall is reliable, no trouble back at home, so just accord with feng shui. If the sofa is behind the window, door or aisle, no reliable solid wall, behind it so no backer, empty, showed the bureau of powder leakage, hard to save gas. From the aspects of modern psychology, behind the sofa without depend, make people lack of security, always has the feeling of behind the attack, rather than more comfortable back against the wall. Alternative method is to put short ark or screen behind, "artificial backer" to be remedied.

4, the top of the sofa avoid beam coping

The upper part if there is a beam of sofa, it's belong to beam coping, sitting in the following people great influence, should avoid as far as possible. Alternative method is the beam when decorate a bag of inside. The second is on the tea table on both sides of the sofa, put two POTS kaiyun bamboo, to bear the beams coping.

5, the pendulum method of sofa

The pendulum method of sofa with one arm stretched out on each side advisable, symbol or so protected. If around the area is too small and do not protect, settle for second best, but in another sofa to water decoration, in order to form the water bureau, it also conforms to the feng shui.