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Sofa Put Matters Needing Attention
- Nov 30, 2016 -

1, the sofa and tea table in front of it is the correct distance between? 30 cm in a (240 * 90 * 75 cm) put the couch in front of a (130 * 70 * 45 cm) rectangular table is very comfortable. The ideal distance between the two should be that allow you to a person through at the same time, easy to use, that is to say, don't have to stand up you can easily get the cup on the table or a magazine.

2, if put can hold three or four sofa, you should choose how much tea table to match? 140 * 70 * 45 cm in the large volume of sofa or two couch together, coffee table is a very good choice, highly best cushion of the sofa and the location of the flat.

3, the handrail should reserve how much distance between the sofa and the TV? Here is referring to 3 m in a 25 inches television and the shortest distance between armrest sofa or couch. In addition, put TV ark height should be between 40 cm to 120 cm, so that the audience keep correct posture.

4 what is the ideal size, the edge of the sofa tea table? Square: 70 * 70 * 60 cm. Oval: 70 * 60 cm. On the edge of the sofa in the coffee table should have a desktop is not particularly big, but to choose that higher type, so even while sitting can comfortable and convenient to take things to the table.

5, two face to face with the tea table of sofa and put in the middle of a total occupy how much space needed? Two double sofa (specifications 160 * 90 * 160 cm) and tea table (specifications 100 * 60 * 45 cm) should be between 30 cm apart.

6, couch, or the armrest of sofa back of a chair should have many tall? From 85 to 90 cm. This can be the height of the head completely on the back of a chair, the neck allows you to fully relax. If the back of a chair and armrest of sofa is too low, it is recommended that you add a cushion for leaning on to get comfortable. If the space is not particularly spacious, sofa should rely on a wall to put as far as possible.

7, two diagonal put couches, what should be the minimum distance between them? 10 cm. If you don't need to set aside aisle, this kind of circumstance can allow you to put a tea table.

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