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The Sofa Size
- Nov 30, 2016 -

International definition of the sofa size is wide and deep * * is high, rather than the length * width * height, the unit is mm.

A, width,

Width is refers to the sofa from left to right, two armrest outside, the maximum distance that is generally called the "length" of sofa, and the width of the seat width refers to remove both sides armrest.

Available formula can be expressed as: a wide width * 2 = width - armrest

Sofa of a single, two and three is decided according to the width and seat width, because the two data length determines the sofa can be.

Second, the depth of

Depth refers to the sofa once upon a time in the future, including the maximum distance before and after the back of a chair, sofa, which is generally what people are calling "width", and the depth of the deep is to point to in addition to the back of a chair.

Available formula can be expressed as: after deep = depth - by thickness

Due to the design requirements, the depth of the sofa in 800-1000, a deep, 550-550 are normal, but some friends like deep sofa, because will feel very relaxed to sit on. But depth nor too big.

(1) considering the style;

(2) depth is too big, the body is very difficult to rely on to the sofa back;

(3) if the sofa edge lies squarely in the middle of the calf, affect the comfort level.

Three, highly

Height from the ground to the top of the sofa is sofa and the largest distance, and usually meaning is the same concept of "high", and refers to the high ground to the seating chart below.

Europe and the United States of big style sofa is high in altitude between 430-470, Asian figure, height between 40-45 with respect to OK, basically as to high total want to combine the design of the sofa, it is best not to change.

General size sofa because of its style and the style is changeable, so it is difficult to have an absolute standard of size, only some general average size.

The armrest of sofa is general tall 560-600 - mm

Single type: length: 800-950 - mm, depth: 850-900 - mm; High: 350-420 - mm; Back high: 700-900 - mm

Double type: length: 1260-1500 - mm; Depth: 800-900 - mm three type: length: 1750-1960 - mm; Depth: 800-900 - mm

The four type: length: 2320-2520 - mm; Depth of 800-900 - mm

In the need to pay attention to: general import sofa or Europe type sofa, classical sofa, American are atmosphere, take up the space is larger, if put them in a small unit in the sitting room, often make the sitting room looks more narrow.