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The Style Of The Sofa
- Nov 30, 2016 -

Chinese style sofa

Emphasize the warm in winter and cool in summer, the four seasons all appropriate. The characteristics of Chinese style sofa is whole and bare outer wood frame. On the sponge chair cushion of buy can dismiss according to need. This kind of flexible ways, make the Chinese style sofa was deeply loved by many people, warm in winter and cool in summer, convenient and practical, national conditions suitable to China's north-south temperature difference is bigger.

Europe type sofa

The line is concise, suit contemporary household. The characteristics of Europe type sofa is full of modern style, the color is more elegant, line is concise, suitable for most families. This kind of sofa applicable range is very wide also, in the bedroom of all sorts of styles feels good. In the 21st century, the sofa that more popular is light color, like white, cream-colored, etc.

Beautiful type sofa

Beautiful type sofa main emphasis on comfort, let a person feel like gently to encircle sitting in general, but covers an area of more. In 2003 many sofa manufacturing process is no longer with spring but all made of the main frame with different hardness of sponge, but many traditional American sofa spring base will not give up in order to save time and effort, still can use spring and the design of the sponge, which makes this kind of sofa is very sturdy.

Day type sofa

Emphasis on natural, simple. Day type sofa into a fence is the biggest characteristic of wood armrest and small design. This sofa is most suited to advocate natural and plain style that occupy the home. Small day type sofa, according to the rigorous attitude towards life. So the day type sofa is often also some office space to choose.