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The Technology Of Sofa
- Nov 30, 2016 -

1, woodworking

A, solid wood in front of the assembled all round after processing, make each frame is more delicate and beautiful.

Sofa process of figure

Sofa process of figure

B, the frame on the back of sofa, side, arm adopts high quality fiberboard encapsulation.

C, in order to improve the structure and reinforcing frame, frame of each joint is used after a full and accurate cutting wooden tripod to locate, and fixed with glue and screws. D, using straight nail gun, to ensure the robustness of each interface.

2, the contractor technology

A, framework covering a 2-4 cm thick layer of regenerative high rebound sponge (especially the handrail with 2-4 cm thick renewable high rebound sponge paste 2-4 cm thick high rebound sponge, ensure the body touch the sofa armrest directly feel the wood frame), surface again tight stick a layer of wool, the least degree of friction reducing fabric and frame.

B, horse nail gun, ensure a bandage and other important parts of the firmly.

3, sewing process

Surface based on electric high-speed flat sewing machine, sewing stitch evenly smooth, each fabrics were treated with its edge.