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There Are Three Kinds Of Sofa Of Filler Basically
- Nov 30, 2016 -

A, soft polyurethane foam (commonly known as sponge) : used for sofa sponge filling the three main categories: conventional sponge is A kind of conventional polyethers and TDI as the main body of the generated sponge. Is characterized by good resilience, softness, air permeability; High rebound sponge is a kind of active phosphorus and TDI as the main body of the generated sponge, its characteristics with excellent mechanical properties, good flexibility. Compressive load is big, flame resistance, good permeability; Disorderly hole sponge is a kind of inner hole of the sizes of natural algae as a sponge, is characterized by good elasticity, compression and rebound has excellent buffer.

B and feather fillings: do sofa stuffing down, sit feels comfortable, long-term use of small deformation, defect is slow rebound, the cost is high. Generally used in advanced sofa with sponge, or appropriate use of cushion for leaning on.

C, artificial cotton stuffing, artificial cotton padding sofa, soft is wonderful, sit feels comfortable, but the poor mechanical properties, compressive load is small, only do cushion for leaning on is appropriate. The option of the filling of the sofa: depending on the type of filler, a big difference in use. In general, cloth art sofa cushion padding should be used more than 30 kg/m3 high rebound sponge is more appropriate, mostly adopt the way of the whole piece of sponge filling in form, the best is to adopt the form of more than 30 kg/m3 high rebound sponge and disorderly hole sponge combined with feather or spun rayon superposition combination increase comfort and service life. Ask when the choice of filler type, if the filling is to understand the use of sponge sponge density, the rebound effect of cushion with gravity by feeling on by a sense of comfort and so on.

Generally with sponge cushion, national standard 25 kg/M3, international standard 35 kg/M3. Underside structure, high elastic snake spring structure is superior to the bandage structure, good quality bandage in inferior bandage structure, after a long time still can rebound quickly after compression, the same, not deformation, not collapse.